there is this computer that its user quited her job and had put the power-on password and bios setup password and no one knows this passwords.I want to work on this computer so much but I cant go past power on password as well as in the bios.I have tried to trace her all in vain.Is there someone there who knows if one can be able to get access without this passwords ? Iam really disappointed by this.

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The motherboard should have a CMOS clear jumper (check the manual or download one). Unplug the PC from the mains and the motherboard from the PSU, then swap the jumper across. Leave for 5 seconds, and swap back. If you cannot locate a jumper, then just pop the CMOS battery out (it should be easily identifiable on the board - it's one of those round Lithium Ion ones) instead (still unplugging everything). Leave for 30 minutes or so, then pop it back in.

How about if it is a laptop?

How about if it is a laptop?

there is a bios battery in a laptop that you will need to unplug ,no jumpers,depends on you laptop brand as to where the battery is, inside definitely, under the hood! ,

Yeah I know that. However I am trying to keep from tearing it apart. I was hoping there was a secret work around that I was not aware of.


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