I am trying to find any information on the cable that is connected to the monitor which does not come out. Mine is damaged and I don't want to have to spend hundreds of dollars for a new monitor for just the cable being bad.
Does anyone know what it is called and where I can get one?
I was able to find the extention cable for it but I need to know if I open up the casing on the monitor, is it going to be the same male/female connection?

If the monitor cable is damaged and does not unplug from the back of the monitor (i.e. it goes inside with no easy removal) then I think you just may have to buy a new monitor. You cannot easily replace that cable yourself - it involves opening up the monitor and properly wiring up a new one. Paying a repair shop to do it for you may be so expensive as to not be worth it. My old 17" CRT had a damaged cable and an installed replacement was going to cost $110. Considering I could buy a brand new 17" for $80 more, it wasn't worth it.

See if you can get a free quote from a repair shop first.

Gotcha. Thanks for the info. I guess it is time for a nice monitor now anyway. Time to save.