I've owned this PC for a year now and I'm just wondering.. how much its worth.. I prob wont sell it, well there is a small chance i might just i'm just curious:


Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz
Total Memory : 2GB DIMM DDR2
ASRock 82945G Processor to I/O Controller
NVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE
Hard Drive 320GB
CD/DVD Drive w/ Lightscribe
17" LCD Monitor
Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 3)

Whatever someone's willing to pay! (sorry, my idea of a joke).

It's difficult to say really, especially as the dollar is my country is worth a lot less than the pound.

I'd say 200-300 pounds, but that's just a wild estimate, could be more. Add 40 pounds if you have the XP disk, people like that sort of thing. With a new graphics card that would be a tidy computer. If it takes PCI-E cards that is...

Have a look at this ebay link (and this one). It's good for a laugh, these guys are such scammers! They say it's a 4GHz processor because it's a dual core 2GHz!!!!! I can't belive ebay let them get away with lying so blatently.

They've sold 2 of one, and 1 of the other, so people are willing to pay that price (although they propably think they're getting a 4GHz beast), so it gives you a rough guide.

EDIT: Those ebay ones have no monitor, mouse, keyboard etc.


You'll get absolutely jack sh*t nothing for your PC. i.e. £100 or less. You can get brand new stuff for £350 with a far better spec. Everybody wishes to get more than that and there's a glut in the market.

I'd love to be proved wrong.

I guess you can still sell it at around $300-$350. It's only one year and as for my experience its normal life span is about 3 yrs, the normal wear and tear i should say.