You see, I just recently purchased this mac, and when I got it, I plugged it in and nothing happened. Im used to the beginning of macintosh when you hear the "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" but this one is just "beep". a fast beep and then nothing. The computer just sits there, its on, the light on the front is on.. however screen stays blank and the computer never finishes booting up.....

It is a Powermac g4 with dual 533mhz processors
40gb hardrive
cd rom
zip drive
512 mb ram
and "supposedly" mac os 9 and 10

however the computer does not even start up to get to the mac interface....

just thinking of taking it to MacMedia and letting them take a look at it... I am just trying to find a cheaper way around doing that.. I know alot about PC's just curious if I can troubleshoot it and save myself some money.. THX

Joey :cry:

Could be a couple of things. It could be that the processors aren't seated properly. It could be that the RAM is bad.

Are you seeing the apple icon at the start-up or even better are you seeing the spinning ball below the apple icon?

First - try a PMU reset. You need to open the machine and find the button for this.
Second - check the clock battery. The batteries degrade as a function of excessive startups. If this machine had a previous owner who used OS9.x for some time, there were probably daily shutdowns, or at least re-boots.
Third - I hope you have AppleCare coverage.

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