Hi Guys,

I have dell inspiron 6000. I am using it since 2006. But I am having problem with it since last 2 months.

Well I am an advanced computer user.

Problem Type: Lid problem can be with Video driver.

Description: I am using windows Xp Pro with this laptop. But getting problem with the lid. When I open start the pc after some seconds the screen become black and it's really hard to see something with open eyes. Then when i just close the lid and reopen it become bright and again after few seconds it goes off as well. Than what i did is turned my brightness from 100 to 10 using the "Fn+Bottom Arrow" key. Then its sounds ok but its difficult to use this laptop in this brightness. I really don't know where is the problem? I did update of my driver, restore my systems but same.

Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

That kind of thing usually has nothing to do with your video drivers. What is happening is the back light is not receiving power all the time.
Just replace the inverter board (inside the monitor) and it should work fine. : )