Greetings to all!
Hope the length of this post is not in some way offensive on this forum.
I've fixed lots of various computers over 40+ years and know how valuable it is to have
as much info re. the problem as possible.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction on this problem on my
wifes' machine. (Yep, I'm close to being in "deep do-do"!!)

The machine:
T3516 Celeron D Intel Celeron D CPU 3.20 GHz Max. 4.0 GHz EXT. 133 MHz
Mother Board on this T3516 (It's NOT a T3516A!) is an Intel MOBO DC101GGC
Socket LGA-775
A 120 G. and a 80 G. HDD and a DVD optical drive
Running WinXP Home it came with

[Below info. for later, if needed
Chassis 9 pin Front Panel Header

Description Pins
HDD Led 1-3
Power Led 2-4
Reset 5-7
Power on
(Pwr Switch) 6-8

Position Pins
Normal 1-2
Config 3-4

DDR RAM Dimm 400MHz 2 Slots

Originally had 512 Kb in one slot until 5 Sept 08 and I added another 512 Mb. from TD
of same specs. (512 Mb of Cucial Value Select PC 3200 DDR 400 MHz CL 2.5)

eMachine T3516 (refurbished machine from TD) April 2007

A couple of weeks after putting in extra memory, decided VERY noisey CPU fan just
had to be replaced! Got a new Thermaltake "Silent 775 D"

Problem No. 1;
Old fan/heatsink mounted with 4 screws into 4 metal standoff sockets THRU the MOBO.
New fan/heatsink mounts with the 4 black plastic "push and turn" posts into the
4 holes where I removed the old "X" shaped holder on backside of MOBO. (Had to remove MOBO from the chassis to do this) . New "SILENT" fan works great! Made sure to ground myself to metal of case with other hand.

Problem No. 2:
Had tough time emachine to power up.
Front switch "Ohmed out" OK! Shorted our pins 6 - 8 to simulate closed front switch and no good. Cleared CMOS by removing jumper per earlier list in this post.
Put new CR2032 battery in. Powered up OKAY!! GREAT
Powered down for night and no way would power up next morning.

Unplugged power cord, removed battery for couple of minutes. The moment I plugged in the power cord, machine powered up and WIFE WAS HAPPY!! Whole system worked A-ok!!

Restarted it a couple of time from the Lower left "Start" Icon ok. Powered down from same
Icon and it wouldn't start up again. (LED on MOBO is lit when power is applied.)

After numerious attempts at startup, removed battery and it powered up the moment I plugged in the power cord, AGAIN. For several days now it will ALWAYS come up if I remove the battery for a minute or so.

Anyone have any ideas whatsoever because I'm getting short of hair to pull out!!


Are there any bios updates available at emachine's website? It sounds like your bios may be corrupted.

Thanks to any and all that looked at my T3516 problem. With aid of a powerful spotlight and a magnifying glass I was able to see that I had the "Power Up" switch wires from the front panel hooked up to the "Reset" pins.

Guess I've learned to not depend upon these tri-focals so much!!!

Now if I can just find out how to get ALL of the egg off my face . . . . . . . .

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