Does anyone out there fully understand the Gigabit network adapters.I have been doing some reading to try and make an informed purchase but am getting a bit confused with what I think is people using incorrect terms in their descriptions.eg MBps v's Mbps etc or me just going into information overload.
From what I have read it would seem that PCI gigabit adapters are actually a bit of a mis-nomer as the PCI bus cannot support such volumes of information ? I may well have it all wrong but if the 32 bit bus will accomodate 133MB/s or at best in full duplex 64 bit-266MB/s wouldnt this mean that it could not transfer the full gigabyte/sec to the CPU through the parallel port?:confused:
I hope some one out there has a better grasp on the terminology and values and can sort me out please.
Kind Regards

Yeah i dont think gigabit pci cards can do the full gigabyte, because of the latency of other system components (hell, no hard disks can do 1gb a second writes anyway, so it wont matter for downloading)

Most of the time i see them in servers, they are PCI-Express instead, which i guess helps them use more of the bandwidth.