I only use the computer to check email and chat. I don't play video games. Should I save money and get 15in or go ahead and get a 17in? People who have LCD's what do you recommend? Pros, Cons?

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what 17 inch CTR for $20-50 more you can get a 19inch CTR like I have,
I bought one for $120 2 years ago and never had any problems with it


well that was my point, for a 17' LCD i can buy a 22in CRT from Viewsonic thats insanely badass :DF


if your not going to be using it to play games, go with a 17in CRT save you tons of cash

Not only that, but LCDs have serious drawbacks that keep them off my "recommended" list, including:

* High cost
* Backlight problems
* Dead pixels
* Inferior contrast ratios
* Slow response
* Fixed resolution
* Limited viewing angle

I'm waiting for the OLED displays to arrive...


I would go with a CTR because my dad has a LCD and it sucks. Limited view and if any light is on it you cnt see crap and it was $400 so i would go with a CTR much better for the cost.

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