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I'm running Linux Mint on my HP Pavillion(though I don't think it matters), my keyboard has been having issues, nothing too big that makes it hard for me to type, but when i press and hold a key it registers as if I tapped the key once then held it down, for example instead of it smoothly rolling through like this: gggggggggggggggg, it acts as if it was down like this. g g gggggggggggg. I've had the problem before, even when my computer was still running on Windows XP, but I don't remember how I went about fixing it. Any ideas?

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actually i face this problem with ubuntu (linux).
some time it's work very perfectly and sometime it's work like a corrupted system but it's not the fault of HP Pavillion.contact to your laptop services provider.they will install linux according to your laptop compatibility .

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The delay-before-repeating and the delay-between-repeats have been controllable values since the PC-AT (where it was set by the BIOS). I run MEPIS Linux, not Mint, and thus KDE rather than Gnome, but there should be a control applet, part of a control center, where you can adjust the keyboard's "TypeMatic" (IBM's old term) behavior.
Or "man kbdrate" to see the commandline way of adjusting this -- you can always add this into your startup scripts (rc.local?) once you figure out how you want it.

If this lag *occasionally* occurs... Well, I get that on this machine when it experiences loading peaks (somebody on my LAN hitting apache2 for the the web pages stored on it while I'm typing away). Etherape is a good network activity monitor (apt-get install etherape) for watching for that in real-time.