I purchased a 5.25 usb external case which i can install a 5.25 optical drive or a 3.5, 2.5 hdd to backup data. My problem is when i installed a LG brand 5.25 dvd rewritable drive in the external case i turned it on & it came up w/ a message NEED TO INSTALL A USB HI-SPEED HOST CONTROLLER TO OBTAIN MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. I'm running WXP/PRO on my Gateway Solo 9300 laptop. I looked on Ebay to see what this was & it shows to be a card you install in a desktop. I was just wondering is it possible to perform this backup from my laptop or do I need to use it on my desktop. Never used one of these. my laptop does not have a dvd/rw drive just a cd/rw-dvd drive. I'm wanting to backup data which is over 2gb's. Can't do this with a cd/rw drive alone. What do I need to do to accomplish this? Any help would be greatful.

No need for any response to this thread cause i figured out how to use the external enclosure. Problem resolved!!

Well I bought the 20 cardbus high speed card & connected up all my cables. I set the LG dvd burner to master. But the problem i'm having is the external dvd burner is not recognized in my removable storage window on my laptop. It loaded the drivers sucessfully for the cardbus. Shows the disconnect icon in the system tray. When i turned on the external drive it flashes the LG burner in the system tray for a second or two but goes away & never returns. Tried a HDD in the external enclosure & still the same thing. I plugged in the 5.0 volt usb power cord to the 2.0 cardbus but no change. I've read where i might need to download the firmware for the LG burner but don't exactly know how to go about it since its not being recognized. Any input is greatly appreciated. If I can't get this resolved then my next step is learning how to backup over my network to my other computers in my home.