Which processor would be better for games and office work?
the pentium 4 3.6GHZ hyper threading 533MHz fsb or the AMD 64 2GHz HT 1600MHz FSB? the processor that i decide on will probaly be combined with a Radeon 9800, 9800 pro or 9800XT

mm, im a personal fan of AMD, 64bit is going to be the way to go, but be aware that if you do get the 64bit you do need to run windows xp 64bit edition to get the full preformance outta it.

and id go with the 9800TX ;D

64 bit version? i have Windows Xp professional right now is that it?

I think you mean 3.06 ghz, not 3.6 ghz. The fastest processor Intel currently makes is 3.2 ghz. Of course, the Intel Pentium 4 processor is a 32-bit processor just like just every processor up until now.

Apple just released the first 64-bit personal computer a few months ago - the Mac G5 64-bit processor manufactured by IBM.

AMD is following in suit with the AMD64 processor.

Apple released a special version of their Mac OS X operating system to be compatible with the G5 processor. If you're a Windows user, you will need to use WindowsXP 64-bit edition if you want to use a 64-bit processor such as AMD64. Just look at the speed of that frontside bus (FSB) the AMD64 can boast (compared to that of the 32-bit Intel processor).

Of course, a 64-bit operating system can take some advantage of a 64-bit processor. However, it's still going to be a few years before a lot of software has been released that's been programmed to take advantage as well. Once the software is out, you'll see an enormous performance gain over 32-bit processors.

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