My hp got left on over night and the hard drive is gone, I replaced the hard drive and been tring to restore my system, I finally got windows xp on floppy, cause my cd or dvd drives were not reading in bios, now I turn on the pc and its getting power but it wont kick on i can here the fans running and the light is on, on the motherboard but it wont turn on and my monitor wont turn on , i push the button and it go's green for a sec then shuts off, same with the turn on switch on the tower, im wondering if the processor or the motherboard is out, if there is something i should know to get it to turn on please let me know, i have tried what i know ... thanks......

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Looks like you already need a technician to work on this problem. Surely, your hard disk drive has already conked out and in the process it might have already affected basic circuitry in your cpu & motherboard and other peripherals.

The one thing I make sure when I leave my desktop or notebook on is proper ventilation. Of course, it is a given that the wiring connection for the power supply has already been counter-checked for safety, etc.

Does the machine turn itself off once you turn it on?

Does the machine turn itself off once you turn it on?

yeah it does turn off once i turn it on, the fans are running but it wont turn on and the monitor wont either

Maybe its a graphics problem.

Have you any different cards to try?

Try reseating your Ram.
If you have more than one stick try them individually.

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