I've installed a new Zalman CNPS7000C-AlCu on my cpu. I was wondering what the maximum temperature is that the processor is supposed to operate under.

I found this page. It lists 55° C - 72°C.

How should I read that? That is different per individual processor? Or is this a temperature range? And what if it runs at a higher temperature? Will the lifespan be reduced a lot?

In short: I'm not sure how to interprent this data. Could someone explain?

Thank You,


Another few questions. When the system is idle, the core temperatures are about 44°C, and when fully loaded, compressing a huge folder and running prime95 the temperature is about 66°C. Are these acceptable/normal values?

The answers to the second set of questions actually answers the first. 44C is a reasonable idling temperature for a modern CPU and 66C is a reasonable temperature for a hard working CPU that is adequately ventilated.

Other threads in this forum will bear this out.