my laptop wont turn on, it turns on for 3 seconds then restarts, and it just keeps repeating, i dont think its my ram or anything, what could it be? please can someone help.

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hi there i would have a look to see if your fans are working as it might be them and making the laptop turn off as it will be over heating.


Did you find a solution? I have got exactly the same problem with my nx9005. After hanging up while loading ubuntu i resetted it. since that point it restarts 4 times after switching it on and only shows a black and lightening screen.
It does not change if i plug on or off the ac-adapter or if i remove ram or hdd.

thanks for answering,


I also have the problem. Does anyone know the answer?

(I can confirm that the BIOS is not at fault, as I actually replaced the ROM chip with one loaded with latest 1.60 BIOS, and the same thing happens.... 4 power cycles than power light stays on, but nothing else)


Ditti on this problem... any answers out there? Thanks


I also witnessed this fault today.

I've yet to find a solution to this.

If anyone knows of a solution to this, it will be gratefully received.


Hi All, OK I think I'm going to have to create a special thread for all of the HP / Compaq people out there with this problem.

Unfortunately for you the HP Pavillion DV2000 / DV6000 / DV9000 which this is based upon have a fault on the board that causes these exact problems along with a series of related ones. Please reference this link:

and this thread:
Unfortunately I believe that this series also has these problems as well but, until HP acknowledges it and people bring enough pressure to bear on them it may be difficult to get them to respond.

Not to sound rude, but how exactly does this help?

More so, how do we know that the NX9005 is based on the Pavillion DV* series? Apart from taking your word for it...


Actually, I would encourage you to read the info at the link and you will see that the symptoms are the same as what you are experiencing. I encourage anyone with these problems to bring pressure on HP perhaps even pointing out the information I cited and try for your best results.

The problem identified in the first link does not mention "restarting" at all, neither does it mention the relationship between the models. I'm failing to see the connection.

Likewise, the second link talks about an "Limited Warranty Service Enhancement" for a model, that is not the model I am discussing.

Further more, I don't quite understand how you propose to "put pressure on HP", the suggestion is about as productive as throwing pennies in the ocean.

I get the impression this is just a wild goose chase.

The nx9005 is NOT based on the dvxxxx series, and I'm at a loss to understand how you would think it is.

It uses a different motherboard, different heatsink, different GPU and a completely different processor type, as well as preceding the dvxxxx series by at least 3 or 4 years

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