I have a Hp Pavilion running windows ME. The Cd rom is only recognizing certain cd's. I can put certain cdrw's with files on them in the drive and it will read them fine. But I can put other (same brand and type) cdrw's in there and it will tell me the drive is empty. It will not read the factory included recovery disk or other cds. It will tell me the drive is empty. I have been able to go and have the computer boot from cd first and it seems that it reads the recovery disk fine. But when I let windows load and try to open the cd then it tells me drive empty. Program manager tells me the drive is working fine. I have gone in and deleted the drivers and rebooted to have it relocate the drivers. It found them fine but the problem is still there. I would appreciate any help. The computer is used as a stand alone never used on the internet.

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A couple of thoughts:

1. Uninstall the drivers again, but this time don't let Windows simply reload the existing drivers it finds. Download a fresh driver load and install that instead.

2. It may be hardware problem instead:

- dirt on the lenses
- tracking mechanism getting out of alignment
- controller electronics starting to fail

My experience has been that some drives read blue media or mirrored. What I mean by this is that some discs are colored on the data side like a bluish/purpleish color. Try copying the disc to one or the other color. workds for me every time... <snip>

Windows ME? It must be a very old machine. A new drive would be the best fix and will be cheap!

I have The EXACT same problem with my current Cdrom.
I read that you have to update your cdrom/dvdrom's Firmware. (that will entail taking it out of your pc, checking some special number on it, and getting firmware that will update your specific rom) Oh, not to mention that when you do it wrong you could permanently damage your rom. (thats what they say).

I am really a lazy person, so ill just go ahead and buy me a new one some time. (and TEST it in store with all my cd's thats not working now)

Windows ME? It must be a very old machine. A new drive would be the best fix and will be cheap!

wasn't in 2005 when this thread was started.lol

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