Can someone please help me? I am having problems with my laptop, it is about 4 months old. Never had any problems with it before and for some reason now it wont start ujp properly. It also wont start in F8 safe mode!

If I start up normally it brings up the toshiba home page for a second and then i get a black screen.....then nothing!

If I repeatedly hit F2 I can pause the start up on the toshiba screen and select the hard drive, disk drive etc. but then black screen comes up again...then nothing!

Can someone tell me what is going on with my laptop and how to fix it?

You cannot Alt/Ctrl/Delete or anything to get out of the screen, only power down using the power button. I have tried using the battery, using the charger, disconnecting it all and letting it sit for 10mins....what else can I do?


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Have now left it unplugged with the battery out of it all night and it still doesn't work, does anyone have any suggestions?


was this a brand new laptop or second hand?

If it was new, take it back to the shop!

If it's second hand, Can you enter setup?

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