I have a dell vostro 1500, i dropped and the lcd screen broke. i plugged it in to an external monitor and it works fine. i went to purchase an lcd screen and have now gone through four of them, one had a black line through center and three of them had a bunch of lines a back light but no images, so i went out and bought a $10 lcd screen that doesnt fit the computer and it works fine. 3 of the 4 lcd screen that they say are compatible with my computer via the original lcd part number but they don't appear correct the last one i received appeared to be correct but still lines. what are the odds of getting 4 bad ones

Does anybody have any idea?

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if you are buying on e-bay ,the odds are great!unless you are buying the new ones

I bought the first one off E-bay and return it and got my money back the next three came from bliss computers out of n. bergen, NJ. when I called and talked to them they think it is a compatibility issue and they dont know why it wont work they are confident its the screen and not the computer and referred me to a company in texas called smartmicrousa.com.They told me bliss was a very terrible company to buy from she told me the screen was bad since the $10 screen works. 4 screens and $130 later im on my way to a new $300 screen from dell. have you ever heard of bliss computers or smartmicrousa.com?

no never heard of either ,but if you got 4 for 130.00 then i would blame the lcd's and not the computer

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