I have an IntelR 82845G onboard video card .. i know it sucks. I have the latest driver and everything. My question is this. The video card is a 64mb, but the graphics controller says its set at 8mb and that it is actually using 5 mb. How do i change this? I tried going into Bios and all the settings that has is 512kb 1 mb and 8 mb, makes no sense. The Bios is pheonix award winning Bios or something like that.

I have asked my friends and they just tease me about needing a new graphics card, which is true, but I dont have the money and if i can get this to run at 64mb then i will be fine for a while.

I am playing CS on my comp and getting anywhere from 4 fps to 28 fps, which is horrible. i have tried everything. i have even given more virtual memory to the video card from my hd. I dont know what to do any help?

Also, how do i find out what my rendering is? Someone said check the settings on that.

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okay now i have a new problem on top of that now when i play Guild wars it crashes every now and then and does a system dump... i really need help with my graphics cards. thanks

If you are a gamer, you should not be thinking that integrated graphics can do the job.

How much system ram do you have? How fast and what kind is your processor?

Integrated graphics si not a graphics card at all. It is a chipset that steals regular system ram away from your computer (i hope you have enough to cope with this loss) and it steals processor power to do 100% of the graphics processing. A regular graphics card has its own processor and its own ram so it does not chore your processor or system ram as much.

Your integrated graphics can handle "up to 64 mb ram" if you have enough system ram to give up to it. If you have only 256 or 512 mb ram your probably running short on ram. If your going to be wanting to play games, you wont be able to change the size of the ram allocated towards graphics like you are saying, so you should buy some more ram and a new mid range graphics card if you want smooth game play.

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