Location: TX. History Rm

When the teacher turns off the conputer for the night, it shuts down like normal. When she goes in the next day to turn the computer on, nothing! The hard drive light will not come on, only the green power light. It's not even running, just the green light is on.
When I take it out of her room and into my office to see what is wrong with it, it works just fine, like nothing happened.
The replacement computer has done this in her room too. I thought it might be the power cord and I replaced that. I still got the same results.

Any Ideas?

The first thing I'd try is replacing the powersupply. I've seen numerous computers that will not boot up until the cord going to the powersupply is unplugged for a minute for so and then once it is reconnected, it works fine. Replacing the PS fixed 'em all.

I thought about that but here is what gets me... I put in another computer, a different one (I just replaced the PS on it a weeks ago) and it did the same thing.

Sorry, I missed that part. That's what I get for trying to read too fast.

As far as I can think of, you have it narrowed down to the power in the room or the peripherals attached to the computer. Hmmm, maybe hookup a UPS, if you have one, or run an extension cord over to a different outlet that is on a different circuit? I doubt it is a peripheral, but I once saw a joystick cause a computer to not boot. So you never know.

It's a strange problem that probably has a strange cause.

I had a similar experience once and it was a printer cable with a bent pin.

Are you moving the entire PC , monitor and everything or just THE BOX...

Another user here had a similar problem and there was a broken usb prot connector...

Well... umm... uh... I take out only the tower becuase I have monitors here (in my hole-in-the-wall). I think she has it fixed. I told her to move the plug to another outlet and it seems to have fixed the problem. Maybe! So I will see what happens in the next few days.

you are probably not getting 110 to 120 volts out of the electrical plug in the wall. Just have an electrican check it or yourself with a voltage meter.

I saw this happen back in 1989 with a new (new then) 286 machine. The plug was giving 108 Volts.