well i posted up a thread before about the cables well ill post one up again except ill try to reword it because i was tired when it was posted. I was wondering if its safe to connect pieces of hardware to any 4 pin connector. Because it seems that i have 4 pairs of wires with 4 pin connectors. one of them has only one 4 pin connector at the end and the other 3 have two 4 pin connectors at the end. It basically like any other psu but my problem is can i hook up the harddrive and cdrom or say any other piece of hardware to the same wire if it has a splitter at the end of the cable. Because im scared that this would be too much for one cable even though it has 2 connectors at the end.

Re: psu cables 80 80

I believe what you are referring to are called 'Molex' connectors, as seen here:

They can all be connected at the same time, the only problem may be if your power supply can't supply enough power if all devices happen to be running at the same time (not a very likely scenario).

The purpose of the two connectors at the end is to do exactly what you want to do, connect both a hard drive and a CD-ROM (or two hard drives, CD & DVD, etc.) that are next to each other:

Re: psu cables 80 80

thank you so much that makes things so much simpler

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