OH I'm sorry for posting on this thread.

OH I'm sorry for posting on this thread.

you reall should start you own thread ,but yes you can do what you ask ,quit simply ,create a programs folder on second drive ,its path will be d:\programs ,so when you are installing most programs it will tell you where its going to install the program like C:\program files ,when it dose just type d:\programs ,instead of whats there .

Regarding Duel Hard drives with two different systems. My old tower's MB blew up it was an xp operating system. I am going to purchase a new tower with vista. What I want to do is take the hard drive with the xp system from the old system and install it into the new system. How can I choose which system I use when I boot in that I want to save the data on the old c drive with xp but also want to work with vista on the new system... I am computer dumb... Can I do it Thank you in advance

\My xp system mb just blew up.. And I have to purchase a new tower which I am certain with vista. I want to take the c drive from my old tower and install it into the new tower. I have read that vista allows for duel boots. So how do I run the xp without loosing any data from the old drive.. And how will vista recognize the other operating system on the old drive. Do I have to reinstall vista on the new drive for it to recognize xp on the old drive. I know that this doesn't make much sense... But, please bear with me for I am DUMB with computers... And any assistance that you could offer would be greatly appreciated... Thank You in advance

forget the old drive with xp will not recognize the new motherboard and you would need to reload it and loose all info on it anyway ,

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