i am unable to install visual studio 2008 from a DVD. If i put in the DVD my computer hangs and when i check the CPU usage it goes up to 50% and stays there and i cant even eject the DVD. my only option is to restart the computer the hard way. i just reinstalled windows xp pro and installed the drivers. is it possible there is a driver conflict somewhere. Help required asap as i have to start working on a project

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Did you burn your own dvd like from here?

If you are after one particular part say Visual C++ have you tried downloading that individual component?

Has any other software failed to install?

Are you running a firewall or antivirus?


I borrowed the CD from the university and i burnt a copy for myself before i formatted my computer. i had it installed previously. i am able to install other applications except the visual studio. i have tried installing it on my friends computer and the DVD works there. i require most of the components such as the framework, compact sql server. i have the firewall on but i dont have an anti
virus running

kind regards


i'm unable to install visual studio 2008 from dvd.
error 1305.error reading from files g:\vs.net on\wcu\msi31\windows installer-KB893803-v2-x86/exe.verify that the files exista and that you can access it... this is the msg being displayed when i try to install... plz help me


I am unable to install visual basic of the visual studio 6.0 in Windows 7

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