I have a Dell Inspiron e1505 dual-booting Windows 2003 (possibly soon to "upgrade" to Vista) and Ubuntu 7.10. Runs pretty damn well (especially in Ubuntu), but I'm giving myself a little treat this winter and upgrading it. I'm getting some additional RAM, and I also want to upgrade the graphics card. The only problem is, I'm having problems finding any information on what video cards would be compatible. I'm looking for something inexpensive (ideally, something I can find for less than $100 [not retail]) but significantly more powerful than what I already have - perhaps something capable of running games 3+ years old with high performance and newer games on medium performance.

Could anyone recommend a card or just a place where I can find what cards are compatible with my laptop?

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99% of the time you cannot upgrade the graphics in a laptop (ram is about the only thing that can be) and even if you could you wouldnt get a gaming one for under $400

a search shows you have ,Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950, now ,i agree with jbennet,budget computer ,budget motherboard ,an mostlikely you will not be able to change that by adding a card.You will get quick answer if you call Dell!

this from the same site i searched ===


* Top-Notch computing performance in non-3D applications
* Awesome for multi-taskers
* Very respectable battery life
* Quiet under normal use
* Mostly cool running
* Good keyboard
* Surprisingly good speakers

* Build quality could be improved some.
This one is of interest to you
!! * Not available with high end graphics (yet?), must get pricer XPS line for that.
* Best of three available screens is not that great.
* No non-glossy option for high resolution or expanded viewing angle.

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