my hp pavillion dv 2119tx is not booting after the hp logo

i;ve run the hard disk test and it has passed it.
i just get a blinking cursor on a black screen after the hp logo screen

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Try run from DOS the fixmbr and fixboot command to fix any boot file errors.

Check the PSU as well.

Hope this helps!

Also check the boot order in BIOS. It may have lost it's settings

i'm able to run dvd or cds in hp quick play which i can start by the touch buttons.
I'm unable to access the C: drive from quick play.

pl help

Do you have a known good HDD?

Try resetting your BIOS to default settings. Then if not, it appears that one of the Windows drivers is corrupt, invalid license, corrupt Service dependency.

You should be able to start in SAFE MODE and try disabling services that are not critical, and work from there.

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