i recently purchased a cheap microphone with headphones, plugged it into my soundcard and nothing! Then tried to plug it into every available port and still nothing. all my 5.1 speakers work fine, although not all the connections seem to be required for it to work, so i tried plugging the mic into all of them in turn. still squat. Have i got a strange and nasty computer/sound card? Its an NVIDIA(R) nForce(TM) audio. many thanks for anyone who can help


What did you mean by Nothing? No audio out of the speakers?

ARe your levels set properly?

Do you have speakers attached?

Latest drivers for the hardware?

you might also need to enable something called "playthrough" for you to talk into the Microphone, and have it come out the speakers.


not had any experience with this soundcard, firstly some microphones require external power "phantom power" eg all condensor mics and some don't eg shure sm58 dynamic mics, might be your problem.
you could try this link


there's something about having to toggle between mic and output

good luck

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