Help Please help.
I have 2 hard drives installed one is a 80GB, and the other is a 250GB. My son built this computer. Here's the problem I am running out of space on the 80GB hard drive and I want to transfer all of the data from the 80 to the 250.
Ok I don't really know what I'm doing would it be possible to drag and drop one hard drive into the other please don't laugh at me. The 80GB hardrive is in C drive, and the 250 is in G Drive any help would be helpful

Can you not just save things to the 250GB drive from now on? That's what it's there for, isn't it?

Thanks, told you I was not too good at this, However I did compress the drive and got a little more space. But what I wanted to do was transfer all the data from the 80 to the 250, and use the 80 as a back up.

What format is the partition... NTFS or FAT32

You can use ghost 6.5 if not ntfs or the free 10 gig ghost for linux cd google as g4l

or if NTFS use ghost 7 or higher...

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