Urk. My keyboard is giving me problems. It started right after a blackout. It was working perfectly fine before that.

The quotation keys, the question mark and slash keys, and the shifted , and . do not work properly. It is rather annoying. They seem to be mixed up.

I tried unplugging and replugging the keyboard, and restarting the computer. I do not know what else to do.
I am stuck. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Your keyboard may have taken a static shot and zapped out. It can happen.

But -- do you have a keyboard that supports the "number pad" on the keyboard? Some laptops do this, and instead of letters, you will get numbers. If that is the case, you might have a number pad problem.

If it is a hardware issue, you might need to go and get another USB keyboard.


The number pad still works fine, except for the '.' it ends up as a comma instead...

It's just a few keys that don't work... They've moved... o_O'''
Man, I centainly hope I don't have to buy a new one... what a pain.. It's not like it's plugged in without a surge protector or anything....


Can you try this keyboard on a different computer? I'd like to isolate if it is a keyboard problem, or a computer issue. My guess is that the keyboard will show the problem on the new computer too.


Hmmm... I'll have to wait until my brother comes over with his computer. My mom's computer is much older and doesn't use USB...

I just finished giving it a THOROUGH cleaning... (Popping off every single key and cleaning under it carefully) It did nothing. :(

So I'll bang him out an e-mail.

Okay, so my keyboard is working quite well now. My brother came out and scared the computer demon away. :P

But seriously, it was the keyboard setting in International Prefs that somehow got messed up. I switched it back to US, and now it's working just fine again. Phew. I was defenately not looking forwards to buying a new keyboard.

Apple never even got back to me on it. *twitch*

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