Just got to love the number of posts about this one. While I found it a nuisance after removing the files that left it, I did not find bridge.dll invasive, just painful.

The info here (and numerous references to HJ) made it easy to get rid off, but his may be another solution. I would recommend having it reviewed before you try it.

I have almost enjoyed tracking this one down and getting rid of it. Thanks. Here is a possible alternative that I found and worth a look.

Thanks again.

Open notepad, and copy the information in this box:

REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] "RunDLL"=-

Then, save as bridge-repair.reg (make sure you change the Save As Type from .txt to All Files), and then right-click that .reg file and choose Merge. Tell it yes to merge it in, and then you should be all set.

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It's great if this works! --alc6379
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Thanks for the information!

I've never had the bridge.dll issue-- can anyone else out here verify this fix?


Bridge.dll fix

Go to Start/Programs/Accessories & select notepad. Copy then paste the following into notepad



Choose 'save as' under 'file' in notepad.

a window will pop up

Now name the file bridge.reg and choose 'save as type' = 'all files' (second drop down menu on pop up just underneath file name). Encoding (third drop down menu) should be left at 'ANSI.' Save the file to your desktop.

Now you should be able to close out notepad. Double click the file you created and when it asks if you want to add the value to your registry hit, agree that you do. Reboot and see if it pops up again.

It works but a couple of the other sites I frequent do not recommend it, mainly because most users have other issues. It is seen as a band-aid fix although it does remove the registry entry.


Hi guys thanks for the response on this. What I wanted to pass along was a fixit file for that annoying "RUNDLL" screen that pops up once you have the reg file entry as noted. I understand that this alone would not get to the source of the problem. If, however, you first run an updated version of AdAware Personal then follow up with the CWShredder, this is a very non-invasive way to fix the popup without having to use HJT, which as we agree is a pretty sophisticated tool and requires careful handling and proper knowledge.

At any rate, appreciate you great work here and thanks for letting me know this one works for what it was meant to do. :cheesy:


The previously posted file that you can create with regard to RUN.DLL is not much different. When you wipe out the nonsense left behind by this BHO (loaded off of AOL in this case!) you will still have the same issues. HJT is good to locate it..for the novice the same files on this string will shut it up. Its non-invasive and another pain in the..... :cheesy:

It will be more fun when the junk and scam merchants get a new angle? They are now too easy to get, spot and knock off!

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