The computer froze up so i restarted it and when i did a blue screen came up that said that the memory had been dumped and that i had to reinstall all of the software. when i followed the prompts it said to put in the second pack for the windows xp. the only one that i could find was a burnt copy and when it came down to put in the product key i can not find the correct one. now everytime i cut the computer on or off it goes straight to the installation screen. i can't get it off and i cant get anywhere else on my computer. how can i make the installation end and just wipe my computer out and start from scratch?


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To start from scratch, you will need a valid copy of an XP install CD. There's not much way around that, and to be honest with you, our forum rules do not allow us to help people who are not using a valid version of Windows.

You would make sure that your BIOS is set to try to boot from CD before it attempts to boot from the hard drive, insert the XP install CD, and choose to do a full/fresh installation. That will reformat your drive, erasing everything you currently have on it.

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