i have a compaq presario 700 laptop ive run anti virus programs but dont understand why at times not all but parts of my screen go green a very light green only on certain areas ????
as far as i can tell i have no virus on my comp is it something wrong with the screen itself ????? :-|

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...as far as i can tell i have no virus on my comp..

Um... then why did you post this in the Viruses, Spyware, and other Nasties forum? :mrgreen:

Seriously though- that does sound much more like a hardware or driver problem, so I'm going to move this to what (I hope) is a more appropriate forum....


No problem- not your bad at all. :)

It really does sound like a problem with your video display, so I think you'll get more knowledgeable "eyeballs" on your thread in this forum as opposed to the "spyware forum".


Several thoughts:

- Sun has damaged the screen by shining on it.

- Reflections of surroundings.

- A background image is present.

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