i apologise if this has been posted before but i am new to this site today.

I'm having various problems with a PC running stupidly slow at times. Its currently 128mb ddr ram, and i'm looking to upgrade it. Its running windows XP at the moment. But it seems to run slow. I had Norton Anti Virus installed but the system grounded to a halt. So it's been removed until more memory has been added.

I have a different anti virus program installed, and adware installed too. I also have a program called window washer installed to clean things up. so i don't think its virus or anything like that.

Can i get away with sticking in a 256 ddr ram in my spare slot next to my current 128mb ddr ram, or do i have to balance it out by only using another 128mb ddr ram or use 2x 256mb ddr ram.

Can i get away with just sticking the ram in and the machine recognising it or am i going to have to have a fiddle.

thanx for any help that people provide, and apologies if this question has appeared before


You can put as much ram in as you wantm in any differnt sizes (within reason).

I would suggest either 2x 256's or getting 1 512 and adding it to your current machine,

make sure you get the same clock speed:)

I would suggest you'd be best to purchase a 512Mb stick, and if you have any stability problems after installing it, discontinue using the 128Mb stick.

Problems usually arise from mixing brands of RAM, if they occur at all ;)

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