hey whats up, I installed THUG 2 on my friends pc its an old compaq but it passes the minimum requirements, anyways when I go to run it it says "Hard ware is too low, increase hardware acceleration and restart game"

well if any of you knew me, would would know im too lazy to remember stuff like that, so i forgot where to increase the hardware acceleration. can someone tell me?

Hey there...
All ya need to do is right click on your desktop and click properties either that or go to control panel and click display. Click on the settings tab, go down and click on the advanced button... That should bring up another window, click 'troubleshoot' and there it is. :cheesy:

hey i had the exact same problem in fact im having it right now with THUG 2 anyways... i wanna no if it actually worked for u cus its not working for me i guess cus it says the hardware acceleration is increase at maximum