I know that i have already posted about the mini before, but i am looking to get a second to use for a small business, i would like to know if the higher model of the two would be ok with the needs of a business, i would be using it for the likes of an office package, and perhaps slightly more demanding programs in the region of AutoCAD though thats not a gurantee, to me it seems that the spec might be a little low but i just was wondering whether there where others that have had experiences and could give advice, i cannot not afford the likes of the new G5 powermac or the imac unless someone can point me in the direction of a refurbished model that will ship to the UK.

Thanks for the help

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I'd suggest investing in a different machine for AutoCAD stuff. The graphics card isn't incredibly powerful in it... But, for office and productivity tasks, it'd be golden.

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