Hi everyone!

I'm hoping that someone might be able to provide me with a few ideas on what might be wrong with my LCD laptop display.

(The laptop is reasonably aged, however, a couple of months ago, I replaced the LCD panel as the CCFL backlight stopped working)

When I turn on my laptop, I get thin white lines running horizontally across the screen, about a third of the way up.

I am still able to use and click on everything (in the area of the white lines), but trying to read is virtually impossible.

It doesn't appear the problem is getting worse.

I plugged an external monitor into my laptop, and now lines appear there.

I pulled the casing off the laptop, to get a look at the back of the LCD panel (just in case the plugs weren't sitting right)... but it seems that the plugs are seated correctly.

Any ideas on what the frak could be causing this? (The display worked perfectly up until a few days ago when the lines appeared. Also of note is that only the lines sometimes "flicker")

Any help would be great!


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I've had this same anomaly occur on my laptop, the thing was anchient at the time and never was all that great in the first place so I never cared too much to try and have the problem resolved. One thing I can tell you is that on my lappy the lines did get worse, at first I would just move text to the top part of the screen to read, now there isn't any free screen left to read much of anything.

I find it weired that you used a secondary moniter on it and it shows the lines as well. I was about to try that with my laptop thinking it would solve the issue but ended up buying a PC instead.

Oops... I made a mistake on the last post! The external monitor doesn't show any lines... (From which I gleaned from the interwebs this means I don't have any issues with my video card)

Yea I mentioned this issue with my lappy lcd display to a few friends with more hardware exp. and they were pretty sure it was shot. I think your best bet is to look into a replacement.

Really? Darn it! Just forked out a few bucks in getting a new screen! And now, potentially have to get a new one! Thanks for the help!

well, i had the same issue. the interesting thing was that it wouldclear up on a format. and it was only on a particular site that the problem would initiate. on a format, it would be fine, up untill i returned to the site, which would trigger the event again after a short time. i tested this three times, which does not make it certain, but it convinced me that it was the efforts of the web server tech whom had been popping around a lot,and whom i had pissed off, and i did notice odd anomolies which i have to know as, when BS is happening on your PC. back in the day, they used to wreck your hard drives.. now they wreck your monitors. case and point, i was told in a msn game room that someone could wreck my hard drive, and in a short time, i had super fragmented hard drive that i managed to save, but anytime i was in thegame room, it would get zapped, even with a clean format + firewall. the guy was obviously doing it. he told me he could reboot my comp on command,and surely he could. I'm getting the feeling that the new slime ball heeb move is to fry your lcd's. they can probley overload something with some bullshit exploit no one talks about. Seriously, in all this time, I have not seen any document on the hard drive exploit. I'm telling you for fact that that was direct manipulation. As far as i know, you can do any server side scripting, and screw with anything you want. certainly microsoft accomodates this kind of behavior. I heard bill gates doesn't even enjoy women, or porn, he just beats off to pc exploits all day everyday. maybe by now,he's rubbed his little nub off, but i think that only makes him more dangerous. he's hired circus whip mistresses to spur that 1 inch square while he fries people's CPU's whenever they try to track a fed ex package

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