Dear Peers,

My PC does not start by pressing the power switch on mu CPU. It was working fine..and suddenly shut down and never start again ever since.
On pressing the power button, no indication is shown, nor any LED glows..its just dead.
I noticed the tiny yellow LED on the mother board glows when i switch the power ON from the wall switch, no indication of what so ever at all.
PC is properly wired
I have Intel D865 board with 2.4 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM with DVD ROM.

Help will be highly appreciated..

You need to unplug your PSU from everything then short the green wire in the biggest plug to any black one with a short length of wire, the PSU should spring into life. If it doesn't, it's dead and needs replacing.

What signal on Power Supply Unit (PSU) does the green and black wire has....what does it make difference to short these two wires???
Is my power supply still faulty when the tiny yellow LED is glowing on Mother Board????

I need to be sure of what am I be doing and what are its implications.....

Thanks for your response....looking forward to hear back soon..

As I said, shorting the 2 wires will make it turn on, unless it is faulty that is. Green is ps_on and black is ground.

All that yellow light means is that the 5volt standby is working. It means nothing more than that.