My webcam seems not 2 be working right. OK i turn it on an everything is fine but when i'm done using it i turn it off of course....but when i want 2 turn it back on i have 2 re-start my whole computer 2 get it back on. Please help me with this problem. Thank You. :rolleyes:

Well, first of all, I think your self esteem is to low! Your not stupid (as per your username), its just that you don't have that much experience with this type of stuff. Computers can be messed up, tempermental, and annoying, so try to have some patience when dealing with it.

As for your problem, we are going to need to get some more information. What camera do you own? What operating system are you running (Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP)? What application are you trying to use your webcam with?

With this information, we can better understand your problem, and devise a method to fix it.

Is it a USB camera? Firewire camera?

My camera is a Veo Stingray, I have windows 98, I use it with messengers and the program it came with. The thing is like i said after i get done using it i turn it off then if i wanna put it on again i can't...but i have network meeting and i can open my cam in that and that will work. But it just won't work with my messengers(MSN, Yahoo) and the program it came with. Its a USB camera and i dunno if its a fire wire camera.