Hello alll

I've been having problems on my hard drive. It has been working fine but all of sudden, when i restart my computer, there is a blue screen which says that my drive e, the Nt drive , needs to be checked for consistency. It does this everytime i boot up. Also when i try to defragment the drive, it says that the disk is scheduled to run a chtsk, disk check. I keep restarting and it checks for consistency and says there is nothing wrong.

What is wrong ?

I have a Pentium 4 3.06 ghz, 1 gb of ram computer. My harddrive is a Maxtor 4A250J0. It is a 218 GB harddrive.

Please help !!! NO files seem to be lost yet but programs on that drive are running awfully slow.


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Have you tried tunning a thourgh chkdsk on it.

thread is 3 yrs old hopefully they solve it ,but good link for anyone new looking in thanks

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