I'm working with an old computer of mine to get it up and running in DOS, but there are some deep issues with it. I would like to get another that will work so that I can run these programs I have (specifically, Stonekeep. I wish it would have been upgraded for windows 98, and beyond.).

Minimum requirments are a 486DX/33 with a sound card (preferrably Soundblaster 64), some RAM, video card, and a 15" monitor. The system must be able to boot up. If it has a CD ROM and 3.5" floppy that would be great. I have keyboard and mouse.

If you can help me out, please post here.


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What exactly is the problem you're experiencing? You mentioned having issues, but didn't mention what they were...

Also, try FreeDOS: http://www.freedos.org

I really didn't want to post a tech issue here, but it does corrospond directly with my search for a DOS computer.

I have an HP 9795C that I set up to dual boot with DOS and XP Pro. The issue is that the setup options for the sound cards for the game I want to play, Stonekeep (which is a DOS based program), are for very old ones, such as Soundblaster 64s. I've tried all of the sound card options to see if I could get one of them to work with the sound card I have installed in my HP, and none if them will allow the sound to work (which is essential to following the game).

I figured I'd just buy a old computer and install the soundblaster card in it (I have one unopened) if it didn't already have a sound card that works. I didn't want to install it in my HP.


Can't you just disable the onboard sound on your current system, and then install your Soundblaster card?


That's a good idea, but I use my HP for all of my newer stuff, and I really don't want to keep changing out my hardware on this one. I've finally gotten the sides back on the case, after about a year with them leaning up against the side of my desk. I just think it would be nice to give an old 486DX or maybe an old Pentium and monitor a home.


It would help if you said what part of the world you were in...
I give away PC's all the time. Anything P1 or lower gets scrapped for floppy's and CD's to build PII and PIII to give away...
Shipping one any distance would cost more than it was worth...
Try thrift shops, computer stores, user groups etc...
Find any Geek and he'll have an old machine to give away...

FYI... I am in southern California...
So if you happen to be in Sandy Eggo... I have a PC for you...


I'm in Northern Virginia. What do you have? It might be worth it for me to ship it. And I don't need it right away, so I could ship it on the slow boat.

Let me know. And thanks for responding.


There is a Northern Virginia Graphical Interface User Group near Fairfax.

They meet the first Wed each month...

You can post a message on their board and someone will have some equipment they want to give away...

Since they are GUI folks they would not need an older box and it would be a likely place to find one...

The system I have here to give away is a K6-2 500 nothing special...
couple of gigs of HD space and 128 megs of ram CD rom and floppy

I have a family in mind with a small daughter.
I will probably set it up as a beginer box for her.

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