I have an Fujitsu amilo L7300 on windows xp which is running very slowly. My thoughts are to return it to as it was when purchased by performing a recovery. I do not have any recovery or installation discs as none came with it. Can ayone tell me how I should go about this please? Please bear in mind that I am not that computer literate when you respond, so no jargon please. Thanks.

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Do you know if it has a recovery partiton? When the computer starts up does it display any options to boot to recovery partiton by pressing something like F10?

You should have or get the recovery disc for this computer. How long a go did you buy it? If you just bought it ask for the recovery disc or how to make them (if you have to make them).

- Hope this helps.

Hi and thank you very much for your response.

I am afraid I do not know what a partition is.

The machine was bought about 3-4 years ago but has had very little use as it is used as a spare machine.

On start up I pressed F10 but this does nothing.

On start up very briefly it shows the following:- F12 Boot, F2 Bios set up, and ESC skip boot logo. I am not sure if this is any help in solving my problem.

Any further advice would be much appreciated.


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