I have asked this question in many hardware communities but didn't get a single answer and finally landed here. I hop atleast here i will get the answer.

I want to perform direct i/o with all my pc ports (eg i/o with parallel port using port 378h).
Now for that i need detailed info of port numbers, controllers used, their structure, their registers etc. I have searched on many sites including my motherboard and chipset vendor's site but could get a single piece of information anywhere.

Can anyone help me here???

Sorry ,I would love to help but you are trying to do something way over my head .But i like searching and reading what people like yourself are trying to do ,so my search finds this about Parallel posts and i/o stuff looks interesting .

also this one .

Well thanks similarly can u tell me where can i find info about ps/2 keyboard & mouse???

Perhaps the info on the attachments might help.
see also below