I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo M1437G series Laptop and a few days ago while lying in bed my wife hit her head o the side of the laptop, near the graphics card. Since then, my sceen continues to go black after/during loading up.

Also, when it does load up the screen is only 75% full, and the text is really large. I've re-booted it many times and it still happens.

However, when I hit/press doen hard on the area where she hit her head - on one occasion it fixed the problem but this only lasted a few minutes before it went black again.

I'm not sure if its the graphics card, fan or anything else.

Please help!!!

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i need help too, my screen is upside down on my user name but not on the other users, my kids have been playing with it........i am not that thick with computers but this has me beatin someone help

I also need some help.
i have fujitsu-Siemens LCD monitor.
It is showing every display in blue color only.
Any quick solution for the issue.

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