Please help....I have a flat screen computer monitor and it recently developed a problem. My computer monitor has a large black spot on it that is growing larger. I was moving and I had my computer and the monitor in my car. I tried to pad the monitor as much as possible but something happened I guess while it was in my car because when I went to turn it on I found there was a big black circle on my monitor that had never been there before. I didn't know what to do about it especially when it started and has continued to grow. Is my monitor dead now, do I have to get a new one, or is there a way I can fix it? PLEASE PLEASE help me, I really need to know whether or not my monitor is broken or can be repaired so that I can either get a new one or fix it before I have to go back to school in a few weeks so please help me! :rolleyes: Thank you for any advice you can give, it will be greatly appreciated.

I hate to say it, but that's fatal :sad:

The black dot will just grow until the rest of the screen fades.

My apologies

Picture, if you will, the screen saver on your laptop computer. One day, at the very bottom of your screen a very intense pure white light appears, about the size of a pin head. Over the next few days the size increases until it is about a half an inch long and a 1/16th of an inch high. In the days to follow, that light is replaced, pixel by pixel, with what would appear to be lumps of coal as they‘re jet black. This “coal pile”, as I’ll call it, then steadily grows over the next week or so until it has surpassed the original size of the lighted area and is about 2 inches wide at the base and ½ inch high. It resembles a truncated pyramid. Then one morning you get up and look at your computer and there is a black ball about 2 inches in diameter setting on top of the pyramid.

The owner of an internet place here in Santuario said ,when he saw the initial “coal pile”, that it was caused by the screen having been pierced. That made sense to me, however with the advent of the black ball it would make more sense that it is caused by a virus of some sort. I have run a deep scan with both Malware and Avast and no viruses have been detected. Has anyone ever heard of such a critter?


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