Hi all,

I had may HP laptop for about a year now when my display started showing vertical coloured lines and finally went blank. I took it to HP and they changed the display.
It worked fine for about 2 months and now after about 10 minutes on the screen starts to flicker.
What I mean is that the screen will go blank (black) and on again so fast that it looks like it flickers. Sometimes this will be a bit slower so that I very quickly see it go black and back on again. Like, it doesn't refresh fast enough. The refresh rate is 60Hertz which is the only option I get at 1440x900 pixels (17" screen) 32 bit.

Do you think it's a hardware problem again or could it be a virus? (although I have checked and I'm clean)

Thanx for any thoughts!

My Toshiba laptop did that when I bumped it and when I adjusted the screen by tilting it. Then it went totally black. I read up on it and watched Youtube videos and then fixed it. This is how I did it: TEST 1) Run a PCMI cable with alot of pins to in the plug to an external monitor. If the display works there then the mother board and hardrive are probably OK and is sending a images out to the monitor screen.
TEST 2) Put a poweful flash light on the face of it and see if you can see a computer page or you desktop icons. If you can then it has to do with either you backlight, power inverter, or LCD screen plug wires(I all it the Medusa or Octopus wire since it is one piece). All three of these parts have to do with the lighting but only one of them may be bad.
TEST 3) Upon booting up does the screen turn reddish or pinkish at first and then get clearer in a few minutes. If so it is a broken or burned out backlight which is as long and skinny as the metal in a fireworks sparkler and is located in the bottom of the LCD screen.

If not the backlight then it is the power inverter just under the LCD screen which starts the backlight up each time. It is as long as your thumb and is just less than 1/4" thick and has a plugin spot on each end. This is the most likely culprit.

If this is not it then the LCD screen cable the runs from the LDC screen, to the power inverter, to the base or bottom part of the computer through the left hinge. So this cable has at least three plug heads. I bought all three parts on ebay for about $40.00 each.

I did not need the backlight because the power inverted fixed it. However the plugs are so tiny, my eyes so dim, and my tools so large that I smashed the plugs at the end of the inverter so had to get a new cable to. So it worked only shortly after the inveter installation because I gave the plug one extra push for good measure which broke it. Overall I think the wires are wimpy around the plugs and just get bent and broken when they wiggle too much. A company in town would do the repair labor for $100 but my son did it for $50. Everything works now. I ended up replacing both the inverter and the LCD cable but not the backlight.

Correction: Not a PCMI cable but a VGA cable.

hi i have sony vaio cgnsc23g and having same problem screen flickering at bottom what can i do 4 this plz help me


If the screen is not reddish or pink colored at first when you first turn your computer on, then the back light is ok. Also shine a powerful flashlight into your screen from 1" away. If you can see displays on your screen where the flashlight shines while your computer is on then this also proves that your backlight is ok. Another thing you just proved is that your backlight INVERTOR or LCD CABLE is going bad. You will have to replace either your backlight INVERTOR or your LCD CABLE. This cable also has another name and has 3 or 4 plug-tip ends on it. The fattest plug is on the end of the cable the goes into the keyboard side of the laptop. Since you don't know which one you need I would buy them both at the same time from eBay. If you only buy one and it turns out to be the wrong one then you will be waiting much longer for 2nd part to arrive in the mail.

The invertor is very easy to replace because you only have to pull off the bezel edge of the LCD screen and the 4 to 6 tiny screws that hold it down. My screen snapped off as I pried it apart with a thin flat screw driver and butter knife. The cable is a harder job which requires dimanteling the keyboard side of the computer as well as the screen side. Also unplug your computer and take your battery out before you start. Be gentle with the plugs and don't bend the wires too much behind the back of the plugs because they break off easily.

You can still use your computer while you waite for your parts to arrive if you have a VGA cable connected to an LCD computer screen or an LCD TV Set which has VGA cable connections.

I am having the same problem with my HP pavillion DV4 1411 purchased one year back and my warranty period has expired. Thinking it to be a software problem caused by a virus, I tried the syste restore through the disks prepared earlier... But the second disk refused to work, probably due to scratches. I then installed a pirated version of Windows 7.

So i have two problems now. First, the flickering has not reduced one bit. Second, and more importantly, I have lost the original Vista software and the driver for fingerprint reader... I am not a techno person... Please help me with the solutions. How will the flickering vanish and how will I be able get my original software from HP if that is possible... Please please help me guys....

your LCD screen has a problem just goto repair shop to replace your LCD screen...

Wow i juz like these. After reading this threads av gotten an insight coz a collegue just approached me having the same issue.Kuddos!!

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