I have an Acer aspire5100 laptop. I have been unable to use it going on 8 months now, because the mouse and keyboard stopped working. I have tried numorous things from resetting the BIOS from the motherboard (J2 switch) to loading with just the battery or just the AC power. Ive even tried unplugging the keyboard and mouse and re-plugging the back in; so far everything I have tried has not worked.

I must also mention that I cannot access the windows after the welcome screen or get into the BIOS using F2 (because keyboard doesn't work)....

Also, my dad had told me to totally take out the BIOS battery for 24hrs. He told me that he had a similar problem in one of his desktops. Do you think that doing so will solve the problem?

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Bad news, It may be a dead dog. I had 2 this week. Even replacing the 100+ pin flatpak keyboard controller chip does not fix it, nor replacing BIOS or CMOS chip.

i had a smilar problem seems i some how got a driver that was not compatible with key board changed this and it worked fine. get yourself a plug in mouse to navigate and change this

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