I hope i'm putting this post in the correct spot

The problem:

I had a computer that needed formating, and so i Formated it.
I used a seagate utility (it takes about 8 hours to format!) that i had used before for this same computer.Every thing went normal, it installed fine but right after finnishing install and before the screen that lets you configure the useres and stuff, it went black but the computer kept running.

So i restarted and it did the "Windows loading" and the screen went black again. I noticed that the moniter light was blinking, so i treid the keyboard and the CapsLock and NumLock lights didn't come on. But the computer is running, all the fans are on and the computer doesn't beep with hardware problems.

I restarted the computer and entered safe mode, in safe mode everything is fine the drivers are OK, but just to check i re-installed the graphics card drivers, didn't make a difference.

I went into msconfig and tried a boot it with the essentials still didn't work.
I'm a little lost and needed some help please.

I'm installing an original version of Home XP, no upgrade.
Before i formatted it i removed 2 cards from the PCI slots, a TV card and a Phone card, it came with the PC but i never used them so this time i just took them out, i don't no if this is relevant in any way.

Any ideia is or question that might help me come down to a diagnos is welcome.

Thank you very much for your time.

Read a thread that was here and came to the conclusion that the problem might have been taking out those pci cards and not reseting CMOS. Because i took the battery from the motherboard for a minute or so, put it back in, configured my BIOS setup and now everything is OK so far.

Well nobody helped directly but this Forum was still helpfull since it was here that i found a solution.

Thank you!

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