I've got big problem.
Once I took my computer from upstairs to downstairs.
The screen went black and when I reseted it up It's screen showed bios info and it turned off. I tried lots of times to turn it on but everytime I tried the screen was only darker and darker and at the end If I'm not using light I can't see even bios info which shows for a half second and then computer turns off.
So do you know what happened ?
And my next question is:
Have you got any schemas which shows how can I get inside my laptop ? I untwisted all screws but I still can't open it.

PS: And this is the laptop's number MD 41205

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If you can not get the case open it is good as you will not be able to do any damage from the outside.
Have you tried recharging your laptop?
Do you have the OD CD?

Laptop is charged.
I cant get into laptop and it's not good thing for me because I don't want to pay for professional service before I'll check it by myself.
But I still need this diagram. I'm not real beginner in these things so I checked everything I could. And now I want to open it and check if all cables are connected properly of course. So can you give me resolution for these problem and this schema ?

ps: Sorry but I dont know what's OD CD.

Hi again, that should have been OS CD Operating system Compact Disc.
It's your lap top so why not...
Most lap tops are secured with plastic lugs around the edges, after removing all the necessary screws you need to slide a thin metal lever between the edges of the top and base and very gently ease the lugs form locking together. if you pry too hard you will break off the lugs, if you push in too far you will contact parts of the laptop and damage them, if you are not careful you will do some very expensive damage.
As I said before, if you can not get in, it is better you don't try, leave it to someone who knows what they are doing.

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