I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop (model L500 - 02H) that doesn't turn on when I press the power button. I bought a new battery, put it in the laptop, and let it charge for 24hrs (well theoretically at least - if the laptop is plugged into the wall through the A/C and the battery is inside, will the battery charge even though the computer is dead?). When the A/C cable is not plugged in, there are no lights lit up, and when I plug it in, the 2 green lights light up. I tried running the laptop where there is no battery inside, but the A/C is connected & plugged into the wall, but the laptop remains dead. I did this using different power outlets, all with the same result. I tried suggestions that people put up fr other people's posts, and none of them worked, like: holding the fn key, pressing all keys on the keyboard, taking out the battery & A/C then holding the power button for 1 minute then putting everything back in, etc. What can I do at this point? Is my computer dead for good?

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Have you tried removing the ram and seeing if it will beep?

Well I'm not very familiar with disassembling laptops and don't want to destroy it. Is it easy to do, or do I have to take the laptop apart?

How do I "beep" the RAM?

With the ram removed, the laptop should beep when you try turning it on!

I took out the RAM & pressed the power button and there was no beep. But when I did it, the battery was out of the laptop, and the A/C wasn't plugged in. Do I need to do it over with both of them plugged in?

I tried other combinations with the battery & A/C being plugged in, but there still is no beep no matter what I try. Is there a chance this is because the computer was in mute mode the last time it was on, or does that not matter? Is there anything else that I can try? What looks to be the problem at this point?

It looks to be a deadun then, you may well have to take it to a professional for diagnosis!

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