I am having problems with a Dell Inspiron 2650. I've owned it since 2003 and have used it every day and worked on it for extremely long hours (all day and night often enough). The battery died long ago. I now rely on the adapter, which is fine since I'm mostly at my desk.

A few days ago I had my first problem ever: I attempted to move the laptop from my desk to a smaller table a few feet away without unplugging it--something I do almost every day, just to sit somewhere more comfortable. This time however the laptop just shut off when I picked it up.

I couldn't turn it for a while but after unplugging and plugging the adapter into the laptop and wiggling it around I eventually got a power signal again. But not long after I get it running, it will shut off again. I suspect the adapter itself is functioning okay, or at least part of it is, as I can see a steady green light glowing on the rectangular transformer box (that box in the middle of the chord). That said, it seems the problem is a power-supply issue somehow. Right now I am typing on the computer, for instance. If I barely bump the laptop though or bump the table on which it sits, it will shut down immediately. So perhaps something is loose.

I should add that the laptop has just turned off a few times with no noticeable bumping or movement. So the power supply problem is obviously very sensitive and unpredictable.

I would buy a new adapter but I'm not sure if the problem is the adapter or something inside the computer--or just the tiny plug-hole on the back of the laptop into which the adaptor plugs. Is there any way to figure this out? Any guesses as to what my problem may be? Is it possible that I've just burnt out the metal connectors in the socket after years of heavy use?

Thanks in advance.

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Something's degarded at the back and you're unlikely to be able to fix it without getting yourself in deeper doodoo IMHO.

To quote from Monty Python - "This perrot is not more; it has expired ...".

The HDD can be put into an enclosure and attached to your replacement laptop so that all the data can be saved.

You may be lucky and someone on the forum will tell you how they've fixed the same problem, bujt I think you know what you should do after 4 years heavy use and it now cuts out at random!

And do it soon before it catches your HDD at the wrong moment.


Is it possible that I've just burnt out the metal connectors in the socket after years of heavy use?

Thanks in advance.

to me this is the most likely cause of you problem ,i have see and had this problem fixed for other,it involve buying a new connector and having it soldered to the motherboard .here locally we have a tv repair guy who will do it for about 30.00$ i supplied the parts ,i bought the new plugs on e-bay.

like this one for you model.

It's the jack inside the laptop needs to be replaced. Same thing just happened to mine, but mine shorted and now won't boot at all. Get it replaced asap or you may ruin the laptop.

Well, My laptop had the same issue, when ever I move the screen or laptop, it powers off, I took off the first cover (where the power on button is) and then turned it on, straight away it worked and I can move it around as much as I wish. I Personally think the problem with mine is the LCD screen cable/inverter, When it is touched, it obviously shorts out the motherboard, and shuts down to prevent damage.

To me, it looks like my laptop needs a new pair of hinges, then the problem should be sorted, also check the routing of the cable for your screen, if something has come loose or it is in the wrong position, it could be rubbing against something and causing the board to short out.

I had a similar problem and I took it to a tech who changed the female power jack in the machine and it worked for a bit and then wouldn't start at all. I then bought a new power adaptor and then it was fine. In hindsight, it may not have needed the jack in the machine to be changed at all. I suggest that you start with a new power adaptor and see if that does it. If you have a local tech and he has another compatible power adaptor, you could take it in a see if another adaptor makes a difference. If you have to buy one, they aren't that expensive (if you buy an OEM one on ebay). If that doesn't do it (and if the machine is worth it) you could then consider getting the jack in the machine changed.

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