I have the same problem as this person here:

The problem:
I cannot boot into windows, I get as far as the screen asking me to boot to safe mode, with networking, with cmd prompt, last good settings, normal boot... but no matter what I choose, the computer just restarts and brings me back to the same "menu".
If I try to boot from a windows xp cd, I get to the "windows is checking for your hardware configuration" (or something like that) and then the screen goes blank... forever.

Luckily I was dual booting xp pro and linux, so I'm in Linux right now (which leads me to think this is not a hardware issue)

How the problem started:
Well, I play everquest 2... and sunday, it kept crashing on me for some reason... So I being addicted, and angry, decided to do a "completely reversible" system restore.

And it wouldnt boot after that...

I hope someone can help

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I've been reading some more on it and apparently it has to do with Fedora Core 3...

Alot of people are having the same problem as I am... Looks like I'll have to bring this HD to a friend's and format it... WAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Ahh well.


Turns out it is Fedora Core 3...

I put my 2nd HD (data only, ntfs) as master to see if I could at least get into the xp installation phase and it works...

So I guess I'll have to format my first HD (windows and linux) partitions and only slap a windows partition on there...

And use vmware or a live cd for my linux experiments



Linux is great and I have not problems reading an NTFS drive but NEVER write to one...
Keep a fat 32 partition if you want to be able to share files


I never wrote to it (it wouldn't even let me)

I don't know what happened... but I had to take it to a friend's and format it...

Back in windows now =)

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