I am interested in building a water cooling system gaming system I want to build. Unfortunately, I am kind of lost on what to do though.

I am right now debating whether or not to build a gaming system with a CoolerMaster pre-built water cooling block system that will occupy 2 5.25" external drives. It shows the temperature which is nice, but I am not sure. I am thinking about building a water cooling system with water blocks and tubes myself so that it is more flexible, but I need to know, which one is better.

Plus, I have one more question, do the water cooling systems come with instructions on how to install does anybody know? I have an manual upstairs that shows how to install one but its too complicated.

Anyway, give me your opinions now. Please!

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If the installation manual is too complicated for you, then you DEFINITELY should not be considering building a system yourself!

I suspect you should get a prebuilt water cooling kit and pay a qualified tech to install it for you!

That is what I was maybe planning to do was have a qualified tech install it for me and you simply check if I can watch how he/she installs it so that I can get an idea of how to do it. I seen one, I forget what it is but it was designed for the Socket 939 AMD, which is the processor I'll be running.

I think that's good advice to let someone qualified install one because the last thing you want is a water-cooling system leaking on all your expensive hardware.

If your building a totally new kit, and you have the money, go with a special water cooling case. These things are all-ready. They've got their resevoirs and radiators where they won't get in the way. www.frozencpu.com should have a good selection

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